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An Exclusive Community supporting sophisticated Independent Professionals

About Nuooly, Inc.

Nuooly is in the Future of Work space. We are an Exclusive Community for sophisticated Independent Professionals servicing business clients (attorneys, accountants, etc.), enabling them to choose “independence without tradeoffs” versus working at a larger firm.
Our Community model allows our members to leverage relevant peers for networking and support, increasing their business success and satisfaction.

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Problem statement

Our Independent Professionals lack relevant peers and support which equates to Wasted Time.
Big firm professionals bill well over 75% of their time, but as independents they bill less than 50% of their time due to the inefficiencies of running their small business.
This reduced efficiency costs each of our target professionals $100,000+ annually in Wasted Time.

Traction information

• Strong invite-only beta with 500+ members from elite schools (Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc.) and prior experience from top firms (Cravath, Skadden, E&Y, PWC, etc.)
• Initial monetization with core offering already achieving long-term, target price points
• Repeatable GTM process with conversions of ~25% and clear runway for ramping up
• Large initial market of $2B+


We have begun monetization, which is a big step for a network effect business! Very excited as our RR ARR is growing quickly.

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Not raising capital right now

round goal
Total raised to date:$750,000

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