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About SafeStamp

We have invented the most sophisticated and effective anti-counterfeit technology in existence. Safestamps are security marks that companies affix to their product's packaging. When pressed, branded images and colors are revealed. This is made possible using advanced deep-tech innovations. Safestamps are unhackable, practical, and engage end-users. We employ a mixture of broad patents and trade secrets to ensure our innovations remain unique. After 7+ years of experimentation, our product is out of the lab and ready for production. We are doing one final round of funding before fulfilling customer requests.

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Problem statement

Counterfeit products cost companies $4 trillion last year. $200 billion was lost in the pharmaceutical industry alone. Fake prescription drugs cause about 1 million deaths every year. Every other anti-counterfeit solution has itself been counterfeited. Safestamp is the first truly irreplicable anti-counterfeit product. By using Safestamps on their products, companies will be able to prove their legitimacy and recapture sales lost to counterfeiters. We have agreements with high-profile companies in the pharmaceutical and electronics industries, and verbal interest from companies in the alcohol, vape, and fashion industries.

Traction information

--A standing agreement with a foreign government to apply SafeStamps to all products manufactured in its country.
--Written LOIs and verbal agreements from multiple multinational companies waiting for us to begin production.
--Entirely new deep technology innovations that are protected by broad patents and trade secrets.
--A novel approach to the anti-counterfeit problem that is not susceptible to the flaws of other anti-counterfeit products that are currently on market.


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Product out of the lab!

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Currently raising capital

Total raised to date:$2,100,000

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