Companies tagged with Gaming & eSports

Building Real Value in the Virtual World
Creating magical conversations at scale: Play, Win, Make Friends.
Pioneering 3D Visualization
The fantasy sports stock market
Fantasy sports, for reality TV.
Combines the best of the Hybrid Arcade, crypto “play to earn” and NFT
Walkabout Workplace is a global SaaS digital workplace or school platform, that connects employees to companies and students to schools and makes you feel like you are ‘really there’.
Loudcrowd help brands measure and grow UGC (user-generated content). Captures social content on social media (primarily Instagram), measures it's value, and incentivizes customers to create more.
FabuLingua teaches kids a second language through interactive children's stories from all over the world. We are helping parents make learning a new language more fun and accessible for their kids so that future generations will develop the innate empathy, cultural awareness, and preparedness to lead an increasingly globalized world.
Golf Scope uses VR to make golf more accessible and fun. Their goal is to grow the game, both in terms of participants and rounds of golf played (virtual and on course).
TOPIT is a social gamification platform that allows users to create challenges to compete against friends, rivals or influencers while the audience decide the winner. Wage Coins, Win Highlights, Earn Bragging Rights
Sports Betting social media platform
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