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Creating magical conversations at scale: Play, Win, Make Friends.
myNILpay is a first-of-its-kind fintech platform to enable fans an NCAA-compliant method to direct-pay college student athletes for their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL). #NILforALL
We turn fans' memories into content, data and revenue.
Real-time feedback on form while strength training
The fantasy sports stock market
Best athletic performance studio in LATAM, with an elite team and state of the art technology.
ArenaXR creates an VR immersive experience that trains decision time, 360 degree awareness, and stress inoculation for frontline medical teams. We use state-of-the-art Hollywood capture to build hyperrealistic environments for training and stress.
Strive is a software/data platform that helps athletes and soldiers achieve peak performance, prevent injury, and recover from injury by seamlessly integrating sensors into existing clothing.
Skillpower is a customer success platform for the health and wellness industry. The H&W industry has a huge churn rate problem - north of 50% for many companies. SkillPower is a B2B behavior change platform featuring a digital health coach that H&W companies can add to their customer experience to increase customer retention, LTV and NPS.
Loudcrowd help brands measure and grow UGC (user-generated content). Captures social content on social media (primarily Instagram), measures it's value, and incentivizes customers to create more.
Volcon builds outdoor, electric vehicles for the everyday work environment and the adventure seeker.
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