Companies tagged with Extended Reality (AR / VR)

Immersive gamified therapy for physical and cognitive rehabilitation
Pioneering 3D Visualization
Immersive Therapeutics for the Aging Population
Bringing Augmented Reality to the travel and eventTech industries!
Future of Work - virtual work as a service
Teleport Live across the world like you are actually there
VINCI helps enterprises create, customize, and share immersive Virtual Reality training simulations that both lower training cost and time while maximizing worker performance.
Golf Scope uses VR to make golf more accessible and fun. Their goal is to grow the game, both in terms of participants and rounds of golf played (virtual and on course).
Deming™ Robotics technology powered by Spacee makes supply chain management and inventory control easier around your entire retail and warehouse space.
Aireal’s groundbreaking technology enables you to configure and experience the built environment before ever breaking ground. Aireal’s augmented reality technology delivers a singular, more accurate point of view that empowers you to create alignment with your clients, and ultimately stay on time and on budget.
Byldr. On Device. Code Free. XR Application Authoring Platform.
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