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Recycling Waste Heat
Cleantech & Renewable Energy Energy Management & Efficiency Energy Storage & Batteries
Exclusive Community for Experienced Independent Professionals
Community Management Virtual Collaboration Professional Development
Digital marketplace for the next-generation of creative side-hustles
Marketplaces Mobile Application
Computational neuroscience tech startup striving to create the most non-invasive brain-computer interface using changes in ocular physiology to infer cognitive states.
Artificial Intelligence Deep & Frontier Tech Virtual Collaboration
An Airbnb-like platform for infant - K schools.
Schools Marketplaces Early Childhood Education
for you, by you...
Real Estate Marketplaces Residential & Home Ownership
The Industry’s First Fully Automated MDR Service
Industrial Automation Artificial Intelligence Security
Be Invested
The Platform for Outdoor Sports
Outdoor & Recreation Marketplaces Travel & Tourism
Slingshot Orbital optimizes and expedites dynamic decision-making throughout your space system’s lifecycle, from design through operations and service.
Aerospace Defense & Military Artificial Intelligence
Improving access to targeted, non-opioid relief from headche pain.
Medical Devices Healthcare
VIVE: The Process Transformation Platform, Beyond Process Mining
Artificial Intelligence Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Enterprise
Cyber Recruitment, Talent Management and Cyber Business Solution Platform
Cybersecurity & Privacy Cybersecurity Management Human Resources
AI brain interface for humans with prosthetics
Biotechnology Medical Devices
the quickest, easiest on-demand satellite photo and video app
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